Sparkling Clean Pool Tile

Pool tile cleaning

Sparkling Clean

The next best thing to sparkling, clean pool water is sparkling, clean pool tile. 

Who wants to look at ugly calcium buildup? It might be just a white line marring the look of your tile or, worse, maybe the buildup covers all of your tile!

Perk up your pool tile with our professional glass-bead blast pool tile cleaning system.  This system cleans pool tile meticulously and fast, only taking a few hours. Here's how it works:

  1. Your pool water level is lowered a few inches below the tile line.
  2. We use a professional glass-bead blast system to remove the calcium and scale buildup.
  3. The glass bead is removed from the bottom of the pool using our own pump and filter.
  4. A sealant is applied to the newly cleaned tile so the tile stays sparkling longer.
  5. Your pool is refilled.
  6. Jump in!

before and after pool tile cleaning projects




Before picture of pool tile cleaning project in Lemoore, CA.

The excessive calcium buildup on this pool tile detracted from the dramatic waterfall feature of the pool.




After picture of pool tile cleaning project in Lemoore, CA.

Our glass-bead blast system removed all of the calcium buildup restoring the beauty of the waterfall feature and the pool.

Let's get started today ...

... with your pool tile cleaning project!