CHARLES ROQUE grew up in the pool service business. Several family members, including his dad, owned pool services.

Charles began to tag along with his father when he was five years old. He learned to handle a leaf skimmer before he could swing a baseball bat.

In high school, Charles opened his own pool service and had 22 loyal customers. He wanted to become a teacher, so he sold his business and enrolled in college.

While still an undergraduate, he secured a teaching position at Clovis West (under a credentialed teacher). Charles soon discovered that teaching wasn't his true calling.

He missed the challenge of running his own business and managing his own time.

So, in 2006, Charles returned to his roots and began South Valley Pool Service & Repair.

Charles prides himself on delivering the highest professional standards to his customers. 

He advises pool owners, "The cheapest price may mean poor service. Cheaper might mean the provider isn't insured or doesn't have the training."

Charles Roque, Owner Pool Service